General Information      
  • Approximately 40 students will be selected for the Texas FFA Chorus.
  • Potential participants must be Active FFA Members at the time of convention, no older then a high school senior or younger then a high school freshman during the 23-24 school year, and be approved by Advisors to participate.
  • Selection will be based on voice quality and attempting to achieve a chorus with balance
    1.) Ability to blend in an advanced ensemble
    2.) Balanced numbers of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices
    3.) It is most difficult to find altos who can sing well in upper register, low basses, and first tenor.


  Checklist for Application
Did you?
  • Speak to your Advisor about applying
  • Complete and submit the online application found above prior to the deadline.
  • Send the audition recording via email (electronic) or mail (cassette/CD) to the Texas FFA Chorus Coordinator by deadline. (NEW MEMBERS ONLY!!)
  • Make sure your Advisor received the link to the Advisor recommendation form and that he/she completed it by the deadline.