Quiz Bowl  

In the summer of 2016, the Texas FFA Board of Directors set out to open a new contest that will engage active members at the at the 8th or 9th grade levels who recently completed the Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources course.  For upper level students, there is the Senior AFNR Quiz Bowl, targeted for 10th-12th grade paid members in at least their second year of enrollment.

Quiz bowls are a valuable teaching technique regardless of the subject matter being quizzed. They present project information in a semi-competitive setting characterized by attitudes of friendliness, cooperation and fairness.

A quiz bowl is not meant to be a memorization process, in that members only study questions and know the answers to those questions. It is a motivational tool to provide a fun way to encourage members to learn project information.

Quiz bowls teach such life skills as self-discipline, observation, listening, and making and defending decisions. They teach members to:
• Develop reasoning and critical-thinking abilities;
• Make sound decisions;
• Improve their personal skills;
• Develop quick and accurate powers of observation;
• Express themselves concisely;
• Develop poise, self-discipline and self-confidence;
• Develop project knowledge and skills; and
• Participate as a member of a team, thus developing cooperation and teamwork among project members.

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